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The Owner


I am Andrea the owner of Sassy Ladies Beauty Bar. While some may think of beauty and skin care as a job, for me it is more than that, it is my passion, my history, in essence it is me. This is something that has run through my family for three generations. My grandmother, Bernice, went to beauty school back in the 1930s and worked at several salons until she made enough money to finally fulfill her dream of owning a beauty salon. My grandmother opened The Rouge Box beauty salon in Chicago Illinois, where she specialized in the cool vintage hairdos of the 30s and 40s—you know the type… finger waves, water waves, pin curls, etc.

From my earliest recollection, I’ve always been what some may call a “girly-girl,” and have been interested in makeup, skin care, and fashion. All in all, it's not surprising, given my up bringing and family history, that beauty and skin care would be two things that would eventually become second nature to me. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always made it a point to keep up to date on the latest beauty products, techniques, and trends.

I have now been waxing and providing skin care services for over a decade and I can honestly say that I love every minute of it! Above all, I truly enjoy helping people to look and feel their best. It is my belief that every client is unique, so I make it a point to provide the right service to suit each of my client’s individual needs. My goal is to make you happy, make you look gorgeous, and give you a relaxing experience.

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to use many different products and it became clear to me early on that hard wax on the bikini area was a vastly superior product. It's now the only thing I use in my business as it is less painful and renders the best results. I know getting waxed can be intimidating, but I do everything I can to ensure a comfortable experience with a fantastic end result. I look forward to seeing you soon!