we can't wax...

  • inside of the nose 
  • inside of the ears
  • eyelashes
  • on warts
  • on moles
  • on sunburned skin
  • on recent scar tissue
  • on freshly tattooed skin
  • around body piercings
  • over protruding or varicose veins
  • over open wounds
  • on herpes simplex
  • on areas injected with Botox within the past 72 hrs
  • on skin undergoing skin grafts or dermabrasion or recently treated with AHA's/glycolic acids 8% or higher
  • on recently chemical peeled or invasively exfoliated skin (should wait 4 weeks before waxing)
  • those who use Accutane (must be off of the drug for 6 months before waxing)
  • those who use either Adapalene or Renova or Retin A (must be off the drugs for 3 months before waxing)
  • those who use Tetracycline or other acne medications